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Related Projects

The following are various software projects that are in some way closely related to Blackbox. They are mainly other window managers derived from Blackbox. Please do not add addons and tools for Blackbox here; use BlackboxAddons instead.

If you find broken links please fix them! Also, please try to keep the list ordered alphabetically.

1 BB4Win, xoblite, BBLean
2 Bluebox
3 Fluxbox
4 Hackedbox
5 Kahakai
6 LainWM
7 Openbox
8 Waimea
9 Window Maker

1) BB4Win, xoblite, BBLean

Blackbox for Windows* a.k.a. BB4Win is an alternative shell for Microsoft Windows. It is based stylistically on Blackbox, however it does not use the same codebase except for the gradient rendering code. At the time of writing, there are two other branches of BB4Win called xoblite* and BBLean*, respectively, but they are kept close enough by the BB4Win community for me to mention them together.

2) Bluebox

Bluebox* is a shell for Microsoft Windows, created by Brandon Sneed almost from scratch (it uses the gradient code from Blackbox). It aimed to duplicate the Blackbox environment on Windows. Development has currently been discontinued.

3) Fluxbox

Fluxbox* is a window manager based on the Blackbox 0.61.1 code. While Blackbox enforces its own minimalistic approach towards interface simplicity, Fluxbox added all kinds of features (such as a taskbar) which meet half-way with users who are not comfortable with the Blackbox way, but are still looking for a light and fast window manager.

4) Hackedbox

Hackedbox* is a stripped down version of Blackbox. The tool bar and slit have been removed, as the goal of Hackedbox is to be a small-feature-set window manager with no bloat. There are no plans to add any functionality, only bugfixes and speed enhancements whenever possible.

5) Kahakai

Kahakai* is a fork of Waimea, with the intent to create a language agnostic scriptable window manager, while maintaining the original features of Waimea, and extending upon them. "Language agnostic" means that the scripts which control actions in the window manager are not language specific, they can be written in any language supported by SWIG.

6) LainWM

LainOS* is for the most part a heavily recoded version of FreeBSD 4.5 intended to eventually resemble Lain's Navi from the anime show Serial Experiments Lain*. It sports an animated splash screen, a fully integrated X server, a custom graphical login interface, voice control, unified package installer system, and an user interface which tries to resemble the one in the series as close as possible. LainOS is an operating system. The relation to Blackbox resides in the fact that its window manager (LainWM) was originally based on Blackbox.

7) Openbox

Openbox* is a standards compliant, fast, light-weight, extensible window manager. Openbox was written first to comply with standards and to work properly. Only when that was in place did the team turn to the visual interface. Openbox is fully functional as a stand-alone working environment, or can be used as a drop-in replacement for the default window manager in the GNOME or KDE desktop environments. Since version 3, Openbox is not based upon any previously existing code base, although the visual appearance has been based upon that of Blackbox. Openbox 2 was based on the Blackbox 0.65.0 codebase.

8) Waimea

Waimea* is a highly customizable window manager for the X Window system conforming to the latest EWMH specification. Waimea supports multiple virtual desktops and by using the cairo graphics library for all rendering, waimea provides a modern vector-based style engine that takes advantage of display hardware acceleration when available (through the X Render Extension). Waimea was started off of the Blackbox graphics rendering engine.

9) Window Maker

Window Maker* is an X11 window manager originally designed to provide integration support for the GNUstep Desktop Environment. In every way possible, it reproduces the elegant look and feel of the NEXTSTEPtm user interface. It is fast, feature rich, easy to configure, and easy to use. It is also free software and part of the GNU Project, with contributions being made by programmers from around the world. The Blackbox graphics class was inspired by Window Maker.

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