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Document last modified: Thu, 19 Jan 2006, 11:47 UTC
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Things are running slower (than usual) as we approach the winter holidays. However, there have been a number of fixes as well as interesting ideas and patches evolving on the trackers, and perhaps sometime early next year we'll have a .2 maintenance release. --CiprianPopovici


The latest round of changes on the website brought forth a shiny new homepage and quite a bit of new information, as well as cleanups of the old info. --CiprianPopovici


Finally, the XHTML all over the wiki was rewritten for sanity purposes, as far as CSS and structure is concerned. The site now uses a brand new style, which completely replaces the dated "classic" styles in blue/red/green. The menus have been reorganized for maximum clarity and ergonomy, and there's a new navigational menu which helps visitors find the most important Blackbox topics quickly. There have also been many bugfixes, code cleanups and redundancy removals in the backstage. --CiprianPopovici


Blackbox 0.70.1 is now out. This is a new release in the 0.70 series, which brings out a lot of useful stuff from CVS. See the full changelog*.


Recent additions to Blackbox CVS: snap-to-center and center auto-placement for windows. Give it a few hours before they make it into the public CVS. -- CiprianPopovici


We've migrated the website to the new MySQL v4 database recently deployed by SourceForge. This is supposed to mean increased performance and more uptime. Yes, the timestamps all over the wiki are currently out of whack, working on it. -- CiprianPopovici


I've reorganized BlackboxRequirements and created two brand new sections: BlackboxPerformance and BlackboxMigration. Hopefully they will attract interesting new content in the future.

I've added more improvements to the wiki engine as well: there's now a menu entry that will allow you to view the raw wiki source of the page; the menu on all kinds of pages has been reviewed for consistency; the cache system has been further improved to allow even pages with dynamic macros to be cached; the contents tables have switched from pseudo-random anchors to stable ones, so you can now safely link to them; plus other small improvements and bugfixes.

-- CiprianPopovici


Still having trouble with the SourceForge MySQL database every now and then. So I've implemented and populated a cache system that will attempt to fall back to disk copies of the real pages whenever the database is down. It will also serve cached copies whenever possible, because they are pre-rendered and do not need processing. -- CiprianPopovici


BlackboxPatch:1286688 which was recently submitted to the tracker adds proper Xinerama support to 0.70! Hope to see it make the main source eventually. -- CiprianPopovici


The website has been experiencing some trouble ever since the 21st, but it seems to be picking up again. SourceForge is currently upgrading the MySQL? servers and that may have something to do with it. It may be somewhat slow for a couple more days, but it should be getting back to normal. -- CiprianPopovici


Haven't posted here in a while. No, we're not dead. Brad has been busy with QT4 (he works for Trolltech, remember?) but there have been very interesting commits to the BlackboxCVS, such as improved window snapping. In other news, bbkeys* also made interesting advancements and there're rumors about it hitting 1.0.0 soon. --CiprianPopovici


The site made it fairly OK through the aftermath of an OSNews article and a Slashdot newspiece being published. Credit goes to SourceForge, whose servers allowed over 30,000 different people to access the website in the same day without choking (much). I'm happy to report that the visitors, while in huge numbers, were all well behaved and even made some useful contributions. It was an interesting test of the wiki, both technically and in concept. -- CiprianPopovici


Following suit, here's bbkeys*. Version 0.9.0 (code-named Kooky Mama Tiger Pants) requires blackbox 0.70.0 to compile, and it uses the standard pkg-config magic to determine its build requirements. -- CiprianPopovici


New stable release: 0.70. Read about all the major changes* and then download it. -- CiprianPopovici


bstyleconvert was completely rewritten. It is now purely a conversion tool, no effort is made to provide compatibility with older versions of Blackbox. Backwards compatibility was included to ease transition while 0.70 was in development. With 0.70 nearing a stable release, this is no longer the case. -- CiprianPopovici


Be prepared, 0.70 final is going to be released very soon. In anticipation of the moment, Brad has added some more features requested by popular demand, such as different colors for focused and non-focused window frames (BlackboxFeature:1109808), as well as an override rootCommand in the rc (BlackboxFeature:1112547). In other news, the wiki now has an RSS feed (see the XML icon at the top of the page). -- CiprianPopovici


Two issues jump to mind. First, I've noticed that 0.70 styles are finally starting to get published*. Second, I've finally implemented contents tables in the wiki, something I wanted to do for a long time now. -- CiprianPopovici


Things are definitely evolving after 0.70 RC was released. The style syntax is going through important changes and there are a lot of bugs being fixed. There might even be several cool new features added by the time 0.70 stable is out. Those who can't wait can always check out the BlackboxCVS. -- CiprianPopovici


I've just uploaded the 0.70.0 Release Candidate to SourceForge*. -- BradleyHughes
See BlackboxRelease:298234. -- CiprianPopovici


The user mailing list has been migrated from qmail and ezmlm to exim and smartlist. The migration should have been completely transparent. If anybody notices any problems report them on the list directly if you are subscribed, or on the MailingLists page (next to the user list entry) if you can't post to the list. -- CiprianPopovici


Brad just uploaded beta3 to SourceForge*. Lots of cleanups, bug-fixes and improvements are ready for testing. He expects to be able to move to a release candidate soon. Remember: the sourceforge bug tracker is your friend! :) -- CiprianPopovici

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Document last modified: Thu, 19 Jan 2006, 11:47 UTC
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