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Document last modified: Tue, 15 Jun 2010, 20:12 UTC
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Blackbox FAQ/New Questions

Post your questions here, NOT in any other subsection of the BlackboxFAQ. They will be moved to the proper subsection once they have been reviewed and answered at least once.

Add your questions to the top of the list and separate them with horizontal bars. Mark the question with a bold Q: at the start.

If you have a complicated question that takes more than two lines to write, it's probably not exactly a frequently asked question! You'd be better off getting in touch with the BlackboxCommunity via email or IRC and discussing your problem at length.

Feel free to add answers to any questions. Place your answer after any other answers, mark it with a bold A: and add a number if there is already at least one other answer (ie. A1:, A2:).

Delete questions if they are wildly off-topic. Once a question has been answered at least once you can move it (via cut&paste) to the proper BlackboxFAQ subsection. If you posted a question here and it dissapeared in the meantime, it was probably answered and moved. Look for it in other FAQ sections.

When in doubt about deleting or moving, don't do anything or add a comment stating your concerns. Let others review the matter too.

Q: I've fixed what I think is a bug in Blackbox (non-display of the current Workspace name under Mac OS-X/X11), but cannot find out how to report the bug or submit the patch. Help!

A: Please see BlackboxDevelopment.

Follow-up Q: I already went there. All promising links sent me to various SourceForge pages which don't allow me (I have an account, but I'm not a member of any project) to submit information.

A: Try here* or here*. You can add to the SourceForge trackers even if you don't have an account.

Q: What is the best method to install Blackbox in Centos4.7. Which rpm/package do I use?

If there's a package called "blackbox", install that. If not, try getting one here*. RHEL packages should work. Get the latest version (0.70.1).

Q: How can i get a .gif to show up as my background im using bb lean?

A: This website deals only with Blackbox. BBLean is a different project. Please see their website instead.

Q: Can Blackbox be used on a Windows Vista machine?

A1: Blackbox depends on a certain environment that is specific to Linux/UNIX machines, such as certain libraries and the XWindowSystem. It is possible to use ported variants of X and those libraries and run Blackbox on top of them under Vista, but integration with the Vista desktop environment would be far from perfect.

A2: There are certain projects that are very similar to Blackbox and work with Microsoft Windows. Please visit their websites and see whether they provide Vista-ready versions. If they do, those projects will provide a much better user experience.

Q: As of 0.70.1, the window title bars are at least twice as tall, how can I get them back the way they were?

A: See /VisualAppearance for answers. See the question about huge bars and the one about regulating the height of the title bar.

Q: How do I use bsetbg and/or bsetroot to set an image wallpaper AND root window color at the same time?

A: ???

Q: When I start blackbox, the menu and Conky are small.

If I restart blackbox, the menu grows, but not conky. If I turn Conky off and back on, it grows to what I'm assuming is the "normal" size as well. Anyone have a fix for that?

A: ???

Q: Does Blackbox provide a way to get the DISPLAY on which it is running?

This is in the context of switching over from fvwm, where fvwm provided the HOSTDISPLAY environment variable. The usage is for exec menu items that want to supply the display to e.g. rsh commands to open remote terminals.

A: ???

Q: Can Blackbox be nested inside a 3D OpenGL world?

(A link to screenshots in sf support requests, of the engine) BB doesn't need to know it's x,y,z,yaw,pitch,roll/etc, that's all set automatically by the engine(by encapsulating objects and calling a function called renderthis(...)every frame, where the (...) are the x, y, z, yaw pitch roll light vector arguements (which needs to set up the gltranslatef, and glrotatef's, and glcolor which can be copied from existing renderer objects.)then could it be rendered to a 2d surface(of a cube or something similar), and take input in the form of sdl events?

A: ???

Q: Does Blackbox use any X toolkit/widget set?

A: No. It uses basic X functions and contains a very simple internal "toolkit" which is used to draw everything on the fly. This means that window decorations, buttons, the menu, the toolbar, slit and everything else is drawn like this, "manually", so to speak. It also has a caching system to avoid drawing identical things each time. The only things that are "predefined" to some extent are the bitmap icons for the buttons, which are hardcoded XBM's* (C arrays, basically) and are rendered using X ready-made functions.

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Document last modified: Tue, 15 Jun 2010, 20:12 UTC
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