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Document last modified: Tue, 15 Jun 2010, 20:13 UTC

Blackbox FAQ

This wiki section contains questions and answers to various matters related to Blackbox. The topics below are well grouped, hopefully. If you don't find a relevant Q&A under the topic you thought was appropriate, try finding another topic. If you can't find any, the Q&A may still be under NewQuestions, pending revision. If all else fails, use the search box at the top of every page; include FAQ as first of the keywords to be sure to search relevant pages.

FIXME: We should transfer over salvageable contents from the former official (but outdated) Blackbox FAQ*.

Post all your new questions under this section, NOT in any other FAQ subsection. They will be moved into the appropriate subsection once they have been reviewed and answered.

Questions related to the way Blackbox behaves; day to day usage and configuration problems. Please observe the other FAQ categories too; sometimes people come to this section looking for things that are answered in VisualAppearance.
Questions related to the way Blackbox looks. This means questions about styles, eye-candy, desktop organization, size and resolution. However, questions about placing various add-ons and tools around the desktop can be found in the AddOns section instead.
Questions related to various BlackboxAddons (but not limited to what's listed there). If you're having trouble using an add-on with Blackbox, look for answers here. Add-ons include keyboard handlers, dockapps, applets, panels, tickers and so on.
Questions related to the process of starting or stopping Blackbox. This includes things like starting a certain application when Blackbox starts, starting Blackbox together with the system, or triggering reboot/shutdown from the Blackbox menu. If your question is too specific to another application use the AddOns section instead.
Questions related to installing and compiling Blackbox. Please avoid using the FAQ for technical support on these matters. See BlackboxCommunity for more appropriate places to discuss them, where you can get help faster and in an organized manner and perhaps even help fix potential bugs along the way.
Questions related to Blackbox in itself, such as what it is, what architectures it's been ported to, when it first appeared, what version is recommended and so on. There's a good chance such questions are answered throughout this site already, so please do a wiki search or some browsing before you ask something about this.

Further subsections will appear once NewQuestions gathers at least a handful of questions to populate those would-be sections with. Waiting until questions accumulate is helpful in getting a more clear picture about how to organize the FAQ. A FAQ is not always easy to organize, since questions can overlap wildly. Give the new questions time to gather critical mass before deciding it's time for a new subsection.

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Document last modified: Tue, 15 Jun 2010, 20:13 UTC
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