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Document last modified: Tue, 15 Jun 2010, 20:29 UTC

Blackbox Documentation

1 Official documentation
2 Third party and offline documentation
3 Official documentation under work
4 Proposed documentation

This is work in progress. Feel free to add and expand upon the information found here. Please try to always keep the information relevant in raport with the latest Blackbox official release.

Do not ask questions on the documentation pages unless they serve to further decide how to expand the information (ie. Can you nest menu items like this? It's not explained clear enough.). Otherwise please post your questions to BlackboxFAQ instead. Reading the FAQ is a good idea anyway; check it out if what you need is not in the docs.

The main difference between BlackboxDocumentation and BlackboxFAQ is that the former is topic oriented and the latter is matter-of-fact question oriented. The information may and will overlap among them. Use cross references when relevant. But remember that the important thing is to make sure all the needed information is present and can be found easily, not to worry about whether it is redundant or not.

1) Official documentation

These documentation pages are contained exclusively on this wiki and are always being improved upon. They are probably (and hopefully) the most exhaustive source of information for Blackbox.

How to configure Blackbox via menu, config file or 3rd party tools.
Explains what the slit is for and how you can use it (or how to get rid of it).
Explains what the toolbar is good for and how to use it (or how to disable it).
Explains what the various Blackbox menus are and how to use them. Also documents the syntax and configuration of the main menu.
Explains the X root window and how to customize the background appearance under Blackbox.
Explains how the windows look and are handled under Blackbox.
Documents the style files and their syntax, explains how to use styles and background images and how to distribute your own styles.
Where to get Blackbox for various distributions and how to integrate it in various desktop environments. (Please note that compilation from source is discussed separately.)
Explains how to compile Blackbox from source.
A starting guide for wannabe Blackbox hackers.

2) Third party and offline documentation

online wiki versions of the man pages and various man-related information.
a list of all kinds of Blackbox-related documentation found on other sites.

3) Official documentation under work

These wiki pages are still not complete enough. They will be moved up to the main online section once they have enough content.

FIXME: An introduction to the Blackbox desktop, menu, windows, toolbar, slit and general functionality.

4) Proposed documentation

Add your proposals below this point, in case they do not fit in any of the above categories.

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Document last modified: Tue, 15 Jun 2010, 20:29 UTC
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